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 My name is Sarah Liggett, and I am an artist who loves to paint artwork inspired by the Pacific Northwest! I am fortunate to live in Gig Harbor, Washington; where there is no shortage of beautiful scenery to inspire me. 

I began painting mini landscapes in 2019, but I have been drawn to paintings inspired by nature since I can remember. My grandparents painted wildlife and landscapes, and I vividly remember the deep and vibrant colors they used to capture the beauty of the natural world. My admiration for their art, their love of nature, and their passion for the environment continue to be a source of inspiration for my work.

In 2021 I began to consider ways to share my art with others, and support local conservation efforts in the process. Since most of my inspiration is drawn from the landscape of the PNW, Conservation Northwest seemed like the perfect fit. Their efforts reach wildlife along the West Coast and British Columbia, and they are focused on preserving the habitat and natural beauty of the Pacific Northwest.
To learn more about this organization and the incredible work that they do, please visit their website Conservation Northwest

Original artwork that I list for sale will have a percentage of the sales price donated to Conservation NW.  Please see the individual item description for the donation information. 

I hope that you will enjoy my artwork, and join me in supporting conservation efforts to protect the Pacific Northwest!

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